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Homer Pride Progressive Flag

Homer Pride Progressive Flag

What Do the Colors in the New Pride Flag Mean?


The Progress Pride Flag was created with the inspiration of other pride flags—specifically, the Philadelphia Pride Flag from 2017 and the trans flag.

The Philadelphia Pride Flag had black and brown vertical stripes added. The trans flag, created in 1999, is pink, baby blue, and white. Both of these flags inspired the design of the new pride flag.


The Meaning of the New Progress Pride Flag:


The new Progress Pride Flag includes new colors and a new design that are meant to represent people of color, as well as people who are transgender, intersex, or non-binary.



      • Durable DualPlus® (Double-Sided)Silver coated 100 gram 80D Polyester with dye sublimation printing
      • double-sided 
      • Recommended for both indoor or outdoor use
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